Proposal for creation and dissemination of image or video advertising for all audiences. The broadcast is made by on Facebook.

The guarantee to our customers of a certain number of clicks or views of video (of more than 10 seconds) according to the offer which they subscribed, thanks to a very precise targeting:

  • Geographical targeting

  • Demographic targeting

  • Facebook interest targeting


At the end of each campaign, we send each client a report of their campaign with the number of clicks, impressions and interactions (like, sharing, emoticons, click on redirection URL ...)


Important information

Depending on your budget, estimate the number of people who will see your ads per day

EUR 10 .- / day = 500 to 1500 people

EUR 20 .- / day = 700 to 2000 people

EUR 30 .- / day = 1000 to 3000 people

EUR 50 .- / day = 2000 to 5000 people

EUR 100 .- / day = 4000 to 10000 people

Creation of your advertising for an optimal diffusion.

Ideal for a marketing campaign by e-mail and for social networks.

Realization of Design adapted to your activity.


Femme d'affaires en blanc


Lead time: 1 days

Promote a collection, offer a special offer, send a newsletter and more.

From :

EUR 40.-

Enregistrement video,


Lead time: 1 days

Promote your activity

Announce balances

Celebrate an event

From :

EUR 60.- advertising is a form of communication. It seeks to attract the attention of a previously defined target. Its purpose is clearly incentive and aims to adopt a desired behavior, for example, the purchase of a product or service, as is the case here.

The cost of an advertising campaign

In general, ad prices are calculated as follows:

  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The price depends on the number of times the banner ad appears on a website.

  • Cost per click (CPC). The price depends on the number of clicks on the advertisement.

  • Cost per lead (CPL). The price depends on the number of "leads", such as the subscription to a site or a newsletter.

  • Cost per share (CPA). The price depends on the number of actions generated by the advertisement (sales or others).


On the Web

Advertising agencies on the internet like Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter do not set a floor price or price ceiling. Both systems operate at cost-per-click (CPC). For example, a company may request to pay a maximum of CHF 4 per day and give CHF 0.10 per click. The régies will adapt the frequency of advertising according to the budget of the SME.

Social networks

Advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn depends on the number of people the company wants to target and the money it is willing to invest. An SME can choose between cost-per-click (CPC) or thousand-impression (CPM) payment. Not investing enough on social networks is counterproductive (it is possible to buy ads for CHF 0.01). It is recommended to invest at least CHF 20 per day to achieve concrete results.

Sources: Association of Swiss Advertising Companies (ASSP)

Example of ideal video-images for targeted broadcasting


Advertising campaign




Choose your goal


To choose the right advertising goal, answer the question "What is the most important result I expect from this advertisement? It can be sales on your website, downloads on your app or increasing brand awareness.

Select your audience


By using what you know about the people you want to reach, such as age, place of residence, etc., choose the demographics, interests, and behaviors that best represent your audience.

Decide or advertise

Next, choose where you want to run your ad: on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, the Audience Network, or all these platforms at once. At this point, you can also choose to run ads on particular mobile devices.

Set your budget

Enter your daily or global budget as well as the period to which you want to run your ads. Thanks to these limits, you can never spend more than you want.

Choose a format

Choose from six versatile ad formats, designed to work across devices and at any connection speed. Your ad may include one or more images and videos, or a larger multi-image format.


Place your order

Once you have submitted your advertisement, it is passed on to our publicity auctions, which allows it to be broadcast to the right people.

Evaluate and manage your advertising

Once your ad is showing, you can track its performance. You can see if one version of your ad works better than another or check if your ad is not underdelivered, and make the necessary adjustments and changes.