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You are a trader, entrepreneur or manufacturer, I accompany you to discover THE NEW WAY TO BOOSTER YOUR SALES.

For SEO on the platform, there are two solutions to choose from:

- Become a member-partner of the association MP Progrès 5 and pay an annual subscription of CHF 300.-

- Collaborate directly with BusinessSolution



Insertion and referencing of your products on the platform CHF 330.- + 20% commission of the sales price HT


Time limit

5 to 10 working days (shorter time possible on request) BusinessSolutions

reference your products, which you can ship by mail, on its platform and online store

The sales price displayed is your usual selling price.

Shipping costs are charged extra. (variable price depending on the destination of the consignments)

You will receive orders directly by e-mail.

The shipping / sending of parcels is done after the reception of the payments of the orders.

The total margin is 20% of the selling price excluding taxes which includes:

- Online catalog management and SEO of your products.

- Promotion and marketing, targeted advertising campaign

- First order SEO (Ali Express, Amazon, ...) and social networks

- Possibility also if you wish to manage your stocks ...

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